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Corporate Social Responsibility

A.A Spinning Mills Limited is constantly striving for higher standards in health, safety and environment. The Company strictly follows the safety standards at all levels and training is provided under the supervision of qualified manager and various sessions are being held to create safety awareness. Environmental issues have raised concern all over the world due to the rapid industrialization and drastic increase in population.

In this regard National Environmental Quality Standards as laid down by Pakistan Environmental Protection Ordinance 1997 are being strictly followed. The horticulture department, under the supervision of a qualified horticulturist, has been established and every year a plantation campaign is launched by the Company at all its locations to provide healthy and clean environment to all personnel.

Arrangements have been made to provide pure mineralized water, high standard foods and medical care for all the employees working at the plant sites. As part of the organizational culture of AASML, the Company fulfils its social responsibilities.

Environment Protection Department is building on its successes with the environment through reliable and effective regulations, legislation and high-quality service delivery. EPA sustains qualitative and quantitative standards for the discharge of effluents, wastes, air emissions or noise either for general applicability or for a particular area or from a particular source in the form of Punjab Environmental Quality Standards (PEQS) and other standards established under the laws, rules and regulations.

AASML management provides dust masks to workers on FOC basis to protect them from dust & short fibers which can otherwise be harmful if inhaled in some departments.