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About us

A.A. Spinning Mills Limited is first ever unit in Pakistan which has fifty thousand spindles under one roof with the collaboration of leading European companies having in the business of textile machinery for more than decades. We are dealing in Ne 14/1 to Ne 45/1 with an option of carded, combed by using both Cotton and man-made fiber. The company manufacturing facilities located in 20th K.M Faisalabad Sheikhupura Road in Province of Punjab, Pakistan.

The company has vast in direct export from American continent to Chinese Peninsula and directly exporting its products to Japan.The company incorporated in October, 2003 and starts its commercial operation in the year 2006. In this small period of time, the company makes a quality name in yarn manufacturing in the local market as well as in international market.

Faisalabad a tiny town which founded only to act as an agricultural market has now grown into a giant size metropolitan city, which enjoys third position in the country, as far as population and industrial concerned. After independence, it has made rapid strides in the field of industry. It is now called the Manchester of Asia for its extensive development of textile industry. The development has been made possible by the continued efforts of pioneering entrepreneurs as well as workers over a period of four decades. Then Layallpur and now Faisalabad is the place where history begins. Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim lay the founding stone of the group the innovative initiative. Born in Amritsar in 1917, traditionally belongs to the business community of Sheikh Family. He started his career their and after independence settled in then Lyallpur and now Faisalabad. In Faisalabad soon after his entry, he was rated amongst the successful business around. Supported by young blood, his son Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad and grand Son Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen (Late) took the initiative to start other way round. Alongside cloth trading, they started the yarn trading business as well. This proves a remarkable milestone in the Group’s march forward. Though Sheikh Mohammad Ibrahim did not live long to see the fruit of seed he had sown. Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen (Late) was the elder son of Business tycoon Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad. It was the in the middle of the seventies, when Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen (Late) joined in his family business. It was then, that he took the initiative to integrate the business vertically upwards adding up yarn trading as an addition line of business. Turning out to be a milestone in the future progress, it did not take long before the Ibrahim fibers limited group was widely reputed and respected in the marketing of cotton & blended yarns. Late Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen had the versatile experience of trading, manufacturing, planning & designing of spinning units while working in Ibrahim Fibres Limited right from 1979 to 2005. He performed a vital role in the establishment of Ibrahim group. As an elder son of Sheikh Mukhtar Ahmad, he was the member of IFL team as an executive director. This team established Ibrahim agencies then in 1979~1980 Ibrahim textile Mills Limited. With long team considerations and a simple principle of “no compromise on quality” two more textile spinning units: A.A. Textiles Limited in 1984 & Zainab Textile Mills Limited in 1990 were established. A power generation company Ibrahim Energy Limited was incorporated in 1991 to improve the efficiency of existing manufacturing companies. Polyester plant was established in 1995. All these manufacturing companies have now been merged into Ibrahim Fibres Limited. Backed by this goodwill and experience in marketing, in 2005, manufacturing of independent blended yarn was initiated by establishment of AA Spinning Mills Limited under the umbrella of IFL. Progress is a logical outcome of continuous struggle with right sense of direction. What is today, owes much to the second and third generation of Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim, who successfully carried the fiber spun by their ancestor forward in the right direction. The torch bearer Asim Yaseen and Atif Yaseen great grandsons of Sheikh Muhammad Ibrahim who have been extremely instrumental in his family business since adolescence. The high ambition of Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen (Late) added with his unique consistency and perseverance resulted in continuous expansion in textile sector and other manufacturing business. Though Sheikh Muhammad Yaseen (late) did not live long to see the fruit seed he has sown but left a belief in hard working, for guidance of his future generations.