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Income Tax Exemption Certificate For Tax Year 2018

AASML use trutzchler and drawing machine. Trutzchler published about AASML in his following magazine

AASML In Trutzschler Magzine

AASML Successful Story:

Our successful story published by spinning textiles (India) in Indian magazine (volume 3, issue 3, 2009). Spinning textile link is following and magazine photos are given below.


we are stronger than you think

SPORTSMAX is Pakistan’s first sports management company. We aim to revive school and club cricket in Pakistan.Which we believe is the base of our international cricket.

The AASML has partnered with community-based Sports-Max Organizations across the country to develop a national interest in sports. The mission of AASML is to grow and sustain the number of participation in Sport-Max Organization, expand chapter networks and increase opportunities for participation and competition internationally, nationally and at the grassroots level.AASML has evolved along with the ever-changing action sports landscape. Action sports events engage the highly sought-after youth demographic and to drive our brand’s awareness

The AASML currently has partnerships with Sports-Max, and recently AASML participate in Sports-Max.

Sports is an important as education.In education, sports has always had a major influence.Sports is a mean of character training, exercise, amusement and as a way of gaining the durable qualities ofmainly virtues in preventing immorality. Cricket is a team sport.In it, every player must develop the team spirit to working in harmony with each other to win the match. Children playing cricket learn cooperation  and  other  social  skills  while  building  a  sense  of  pride  and accomplishment when they win.

Reviving sports in schools is an obligation on all of us. I, as the director of AA Spinning, realize this obligation and decided to collaborate with SPORTSMAX for the revival of school cricket in Lahore.SPORTSMAX has done a great job. their planning was complete in every sense and they performed beyond our expectations. It as also a good platform for marketing, we received adequate media coverage.

Mr. Asim Yaseen
Director & CEO
AA Spinning Mill