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DCS Room

DCS room has the following softwares for online monitoring & recording of the data. Shift managers and top management has online access to all of the softwares installed in DCS room. Following softwares are installed in DCS room:


It is Marzoli software. It enables to have online and record of production data of lap former, combers, simplex machines and ring frames.

  • Mill Master

Mill Master is Loepfe software. Mill master as central, modular online quality management system presents, store and manages the data made available by yarn master. Thus the system opens up a new dimension of transparency and correction possibilities in process-overlapping quality assurance. 100% of the production is documented and can thus be provided to the weaving & knitting mills as comprehensive quality proof.

  • Digiluwa

It is online system of Luwa to monitor and control the RH% & temperature of all Ac stations installed. It also records the data which can be analyzed any time by management.

  • Energy Analyzer

It is used to online monitor the energy parameters of sub-stations.