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Plant Equipment

Department Machine Description Make No, of Machines
Blow Room Cotton line Truetzschler+Jossi 2 Lines
Blow Room Polyester line Truetzschler  2 Lines
card TC03 Truetzschler 46
Lap winder LW2N Marzoli 1
Comber CM500N Marzoli 6
Draw frames TD03 Truetzschler 60
Simplex FTSDN Marzoli 14
Ring MP1N Marzoli 39
Winding Orion-I Savio 39
A/C plants Automatic Luwa-Swiss 10

In products:

AASML can produce yarn counts from Ne.12~45 in following blends with a total production capacity of 1000 bags/ day (45.36 tons daily)